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The following periodical statements showing receipts, disposal and pendency of appeals, cross-objections, reference applications and stay applications are required to be furnished by the respective Bench Registries to the Central Registry located in New Delhi :-

  1. Information regarding the disposal of appeals and stay applications during the month
  2. Detailed statement showing receipts and disposal during the month and pendency at the end of the month in respect of appeals cross objections reference applications and stay applications filed in the Tribunal on or after the 11th October 1982
  3. Similar statement as at (b) above showing receipts disposal and pendency at the end of the month in respect of transferred matters
  4. Year-wise breakup of appeals cross-objections and reference applications pending at the close of the month.

The statement at (a) above should be furnished on the first working day of the month following the month to which it relates (Bench Registries at Bombay Calcutta and Madras should furnish the information by telegram).The statements at (c) and (d) above shall be furnished by the 5th day of the following month or on the next working day if the 5th day happens to be a holiday.

15.02 The Central Registry shall prepare a consolidated statement under the directions of the Deputy Registrar (Judicial) and place the same before the President for his perusal.

15.03 Registrar/Deputy Registrar (Judicial) shall send a copy of the consolidated statement as soon as it is approved, to (1) The Desk Officer, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, North Block, Central Secretariat, New Delhi and (2) The Director (Review), Central Board of Excise and Customs, North Block, New Delhi, under a covering letter. Copies shall also he sent to all Members including those at out-stations.