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17.01 Copying fees :

Provisions regarding the fees to be charged when for the supply of copies on the Tribunal's record, when the competent authority has approved of the supply of copies, are contained in Rule 38 of the Procedure Rules. Under Rule 45(v) ibid, the Registrar is empowered to order the grant of copies of documents to parties to Proceedings

17.02 Application for inspection of document or record of the Tribunal :

Rule 45 (v) of the procedure Rules empowers the Registrar to grant leave to concerned parties to inspect the records of the Tribunal. Rule 39 ibid provides that no fee shall be charged for such inspection. The application for inspection should put up to the Assistant Registrar for initial and date after receipt from the Applicant. The Assistant Registrar shall thereafter send it to the Head Clerk concerned. The Head Clerk shall mark it to the dealing clerk. It should be diarised and date of receipt should be recorded. The dealing-hand should submit it with the relevant file to the Registrar through the Assistant Registrar for orders. If the Registrar orders inspection to be allowed this should be done in the presence of the Assistant Registrar.

17.03 Refund of fee paid

Wherever the Bench orders refund of the fee paid by the parties towards a reference application the Bench Registry should issue a sanction for refund in the prescribed form (Appendix-45) after obtaining orders of the President. Two copies of the sanction are to be endorsed to the Cash Branch for further necessary action.

17.04 Weeding and Destruction of old Records :

The weeding and destruction of old records and registers of the Tribunal shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions in Chapter 14.

17.05 instructions to dispatcher :

Copies of grounds of appeal notices of hearing and orders meant for the appellant/respondent are to he sent by Registered Post with Acknowledgment Due. Adjournment notices intimating the new date of hearing should also be sent by Registered Post Acknowledgment Due. "Adjourned sine die" notices may be issued by ordinary post.

17.06 The address given in the body of the communication should be legibly written on the envelope. The correctness and the legibility of the address should be verified by the Assistant Registrar/Head Clerk before issue.

17.08 Notice Boards :

As a facility to litigants, notice boards have been put up in the Tribunal at its various locations. It is important that the notice boards are properly maintained. Not only should all essential information be promptly displayed but old notices which would clutter up the notice board and lead to confusion should be removed as soon as they have served their purpose. Supervision to ensure proper maintenance of the notice boards will be the responsibility of Deputy Registrar (Judicial) in New Delhi and of the respective Assistant Registrars at Regional Centers.

17.09 There should be one notice board for notices and orders of a general nature and a separate notice board for each Bench, on which the cause lists of that Bench will be displayed. Posting of cause lists will be in the manner indicated in para 12.04. Where a substantial number of staff are employed (as in New Delhi) there will also be a separate notice board for display of orders on personnel matters etc.