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Disposal >> Destruction of Records


Final destruction of records relating to decided cases can be carried out only if there is no further appeal or connected proceeding pending and or a sufficient period has elapsed so that it can be presumed that no further proceeding is likely. Such destruction will be carried out in accordance with orders to be issued from time to time.

14.09 However in order to reduce the bulk of old records the duplicate and triplicate copies of the appeal files will be destroyed if the prescribed period has passed without any further proceeding having been initiated. This period will be 6 months after the issue of the final order in Regional Bench matters*, Cases in the record room will be scrutinized from time to time under instructions of the Registrar in accordance with the above Guidelines. The duplicate and triplicate copies which are weeded out in this process will be destroyed under the instructions of Registrar.

* And one year after the issue of the final order in Special Bench matters.

14.10 If it happens that after the duplicate and triplicate copies have been destroyed under the above procedure some proceeding is instituted and the records become necessary for further action copies of documents on the first file may, if necessary, be made out by the photocopying process.

14.11 In respect of outlying Regional Benches, the recording and up-keeping of the closed files in accordance with the orders issued from time to time will be the responsibility of the Head Clerk concerned, under the supervision of the Assistant Registrar.